About the Author

Hey there! Since you’re in this page I’m pretty sure you’re quite curious of this quirky girl whom she call herself a queen. Well, you’re in the right place.


This is Fabbette Laire. After 20 years of existence, she still could not figure out why she was named that way. Excited to be a bad ass life-saving goddess, or what common people call a Nurse in a few years. Found the hobby of blogging in 2009 and trying to revive this passion in 2016.

Also has the passion for fashion. Back in the days, I used to dress weirdly until I realized that it is also a medium for self-expression and knowing the right combination of dress, shoes and accessories is a form of art. I have a dream of being a fashion model, and I have yet to live to see that dream come reality.

I also love make-up and I think I have put a lot of effort to be good in this craft. Also, as mentioned above, I believe it is a form of self-expression and it would never hurt anyone to make a good first impression in general. Confidence is key and what better way to be to boost confidence besides looking good, dressing good and feeling good.

I’m also into food photography, but not that very sophisticated carefully planned overhead shot kind of food-tography. I just really like eating food as much as I like doing them and sharing your creations in the world would say “Hey, this inexperienced cook CAN do it, so you CAN do it as well”

11000827_10205603559920921_2553486326066793629_nI also love to travel and see the world. Though, I have not left the country in my entire life yet. I believe that once I finish my bachelor degree you won’t see me at home ANYMORE.

And lastly, I’m very emotional. I’d like to express it through photos, music or comedic acts. If I were to have a title, I think I deserve the title “Hugot Queen” because I always have a hugot line for everything. Through this blog, you will see and uncover more details about me and my life which I hope will serve as an inspiration and will have an impact on your life as well. So join me as I discuss in full detail the stories of my adventures.