My 5 not-so-hectic diet modifications


(L-R) Feliss Sanchez, Prof. Efrelyn Iellamo and Me

I have been complimented on my slightly reduced figure for quite some time now. I don’t know if it is because of my new habits or if it is just because of stress but it made me look thinner as told by couple of people I met after quite a long time.

One instance is when I went to a Seven-Eleven store in Mall of Asia. I’m really close to 711 employees since my mom is an operations field consultant at 711 and she was there for more than 20 years now. But anyway, the story goes like this.

When I went inside the backroom door, an employee who I did not know she have known me before made a comment by saying “Ma’am Pam (mom), siya na ba si Laire? Parang may nagbago sa kanya” and then my mother said “Haha, diretsyahin mo na. Hindi ka ba sanay na ganyan siya kapayat?”

Let’s get this straight, I am still overweight. I know it was not a drastic weight loss experience but I looked thinner, better and I’m really happy with that. I’m not really bragging but it is uplifting celebrating little progress like this. The picture on the left was last May 2015 with my best friend Myka and the picture on the right is a very recent picture this October 2016 with my Psychiatric Nursing Professor Ma’am Mejico. I have consciously started this regimen last August 2016 when school started again.

I have tried drinking normal tea and senna pod tea which will make you flush everything you have eaten the day before down the drain the next morning but I have this impression that it is not good for my gastrointestinal tract. I just can’t stand if being so painful every morning

So if you’re curious of what I have changed since last August, I guess. I just followed these simple rules and these rules could help you start your journey into weight loss:


(source: popsugar assets)
  1. Cut down on carbonated drinksI really liked carbonated drinks. I guess it became somewhat addicted to it because it actually contains chemicals with  endorphin. Kaya pala share the happiness ang tagline ng Coca-cola. But yeah I tried  to cut down my soda intake until eventually I forgot the taste of soda. It was really hard at first because all of the fast food chains would offer a free soft drink with their meal and it would cost you so much if you change the drink into Iced Tea or Pineapple (which I think is not more healthy than soda because I know it has a lot of sugar in it too). So the best solution is to just ask for water at these fast food chains and not drink the soda drink that comes with it. Think of it as preventing weight gain as well as saving money because it would cost you less if you just drink water and not upgrade your drink.
  2. Drink a lot of water
    You should know how to love water. One trick I do is that whenever I crave for soda or carbonated drink, I tell myself to drink a glass of water first. If I still crave it, I could drink a soda. Water is really good for you. It will make your skin better and you will lose weight because a skinny person has more water content in their body than a fat person because fat is hydrophobic so it does not mix with water. Therefore, increasing water intake would help lose fat content in the body.

  3. Cut down on fast food
    I don’t really have fast food when I am in the house because mommy and Ate Ding would always cook for our meals but it is really difficult when I’m in school. What I do is that I eat at carinderia which is really better than fast food because it’s cheaper and it is home cooked food. Of course, at this point I can’t totally erradicate fast food in my system specially because I’m here in Manila and fast food chains are present everywhere. I just make sure that I am taking more home cooked food than the fast food ones.


  4. No meals after 6PM
    I try to eat dinner at 5PM everyday so that I would not have any meals after 6PM. Like what my professor said when I was in my first year of nursing school, you should eat breakfast like a Queen, eat lunch like a princess and eat dinner like a pauper. Energy comes from food and when you eat mood in the evening, you would not use those energy anymore because you’re gonna sleep at night. So unused energy will convert into fats… and we don’t want that.


  5. Cut down on drinking alcoholic drinks
    Believe it or not, I don’t drink that much anymore. Lately, I have been very busy with school and I would only join parties on VERY special occasions. I realized that IT IS OKAY to say NO to a drinking session. Well, there’s nothing wrong with drinking. It is a form of de-stressing and socializing. But just like almost anything, too much of one thing is unhealthy already. The key is moderation.


So that’s that, the five diet modification I started doing and I think you should too. It has been 3 months and I could already see changes in my body. Not only me but other people that sees me on a regular basis as well. So, let’s start prioritizing our health and wellness before it becomes too late.


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