Unfriended, blocked and no turning back

Call me bitter for unfriending and/or blocking past love interests, but I have a few reasons why this is beneficial for me.

First and foremost, it removes a stressor in my life. When getting over someone, the worse thing a person or a thing could do to me is to constantly remind me of him. This is very difficult because during these times it is when everything, as in EVERYTHING can be associated to that person I wanted to move on from. Like, “That car was red and red was the color of his shirt when I first met him” or “Oh! that new Justin Bieber song was playing when we were doing a tonsil hockey to each other”. So I believe that it would really help if I could get rid of his new posts from my social media feed so that I would not be reminded of him again.

I don’t know about you guys but when I get reminded of the person constantly, I tend to have relapse feelings and feelings of wanting to go back to him. So I would cut all ties from the person for me not to have an avenue for connection with the person. I would always hate myself when I consciously refrain from messaging him then I will reach a point that I cannot control myself and message him again, only to realize the reason why I wanted not to message him in the first place, and that is unresponsiveness. I don’t like people that just seen-zone my messages and doesn’t even have the balls to tell it to my face that they are not interested.

And last, when a girl says she’s done SHE IS DONE. Blocking him is a way of saying that she can most definitely live without you. That it is not her loss, it is his. So don’t be afraid to show them that you are strong and independent woman and that you don’t need anybody else to be complete and happy and survive life.


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