Laire, why are you still single?

Yup, that’s the look on my face whenever I am asked that question.

Then after a few moments I did search my head of the possible reasons why I am single. The results are as follows:

  1. Hindi pa pwede – I was raised in a very traditional family and for them you can’t have any ideation of having a love life unless you have finished college. My mother once told me “Kunwari graduation mo ngayon, kahit bukas na bukas pwede ka nang magpakasal” Ay grabe mother, ano para sabay na handaan? Haha. Pero kidding aside, I know how my family values my education and my future that is why I understand why they are doing this. They also have pointed out that I should focus on my career first and relationships will inevitable come my way once a good life has been established.
  2. I’m an alpha female – I have this dominant image and I guess boys are easily scared of women who has more balls than them. But sorry to tell you but I have no intentions of being submissive just to please anyone. I think the right one will come my way and that person will be able to tolerate all my quirks and stubbornness. He does not have to be perfect but he has to be compatible with me.
  3. I’m stubborn with my standards – I’m more of a reacher than a settler I think and that makes the hunt harder for me. People in my school always reminds us of not settling for mediocracy and I think I have adapted it into my everyday life as well as my love life. At this point of my life, I have increased my self awareness and I have resolved my self-esteem issues and in my mind I cannot be treated any less than what I deserve. As I have read online “When you have realized your worth, you would stop giving people discounts”

But at the end of the day, I realize why am I hassling myself trying to figure why I am single. I am 20 years young and I have my whole life ahead of me. I now realize that there’s no rush in finding a partner.

Being single does not mean nobody likes you. Maybe people have not realized your beauty and worth yet, and that’s not your fault. Now is the perfect time to focus and improve myself. For the right person will come at the right time, at the right place if the circumstances are favorable.

So my answer to the question is:

“I am single because… why the hell not?” 🙂


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