Gifts from the best Tita in Canada

So my dazzling auntie Leah sent me a few thing over the mail and yes indeed I’m wonderstruck.

The first and the most important one is this Wonderstruck Vaporisateur which is just a fancy word for perfume. This is a Taylor Swift scent and if you guys really know me I am obsessed with Taylor and you can’t imagine how happy I am when I saw this as I open the mail.

It has these cute charms on the top. I don’t know what it symbolizes but they’re cute. It’s a star, a bird and a cage. Maybe it’s related to Tay’s Enchanted song if we want to get deeper into its meaning.

Regarding about the scent, it does not have a strong scent to it. It’s very mid and it would fit a preppy, sweet and kikay look.

Next is this perfect lipstick and lipgloss combo from Clinique.

This is 07 Sugar Plum Pop from Clinique. It matches my natural lip color. Can I say this is the cutest lipstick ever?

And this is the long last gloss wear in the shade of 23 First Date (What…is my Tita implying something? Just kidding) 
And I tried both products. Honestly I’m more of a lipstick than a lipgloss girl because I’m used to using bold and dark colors but most of the people I look prettier when I use subtle and light colors. It’s just a justification that I CAN be Sara and Kara from Doble Kara 🙂


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