Halloween is a celebration observed on October 31, the eve of the feast of All Hallows’ Day also known as All Saints’ Day. And what better way to celebrate an occasion than to have a party!

So last Monday, my family and friends were invited to a Children’s Halloween Party in the neighborhood.


The minute I received the invitation, I was thrilled because this was the first Halloween party I have ever participated in my entire life and I said to myself that I would make at least a small amount of effort to dress up for the occasion. Since I was really fond make-up, I took the chance and experimented on face paints.

I ended up with this look! It’s actually what I called “Only St. Peter touches my skin, who touches yours?” look for the Halloween. I was a two-faced bitch for that day (and maybe to the rest of eternity) with a skull face painting on the left-side of my face and a normal Laire look on the right. I guess, this is my take on my favorite actress and minsan ka-loka-like Julia Montes’ Doble Kara image. This make-up represents my personality really well because I believe I can shift from either one of these faces in an instant depending on who I am dealing with. It’s like what other people say “Mabait akong kaibigan pero masama akong kaaway” and as always I really believe that I am somewhat a mirror that only reflects what is shown to me.

I also did my best friend Myka‘s make-up which is also a half skull face but she was horizontally divided (?) which perfectly fits her because she is wearing glasses. I actually hate her because she made me shape her eyebrows AFTER I have done her make-up and that really sucks because it was really uncomfortable knowing I could ruin her look any moment. That sadako image in the middle of the last picture is my yaya. See, no make-up required but still very terrifying.

14639678_10209705178498822_555517922673478092_nWe were with my mommy, which also wanted to do the part and put an effort in her face. She used my Revlon lipstick which she always comment “Mukha kang mumu” whenever I wear it on a usual day. Also, I got to do a cat-eye for her which she also always notices whenever I wear a cat-eye on a normal day.

Chloe Jeanne dressed up as Snow White because my Tita Leah sent her a costume from Canada. It was really cool because her hair really fits the black hair for snow white. I just put white pressed powder which I bought in HBC that morning. She wore a red lipstick and kaboom, finally Chloe looks according to her usual mataray self.


In the end, the party would not be possible if it wasn’t for Ms. Ludy Abrantes. I really enjoyed the party and I’m already excited for next year’s Halloween party.


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