It’s good to be back

So I’m here editing this first ever blog post and I’m really excited that I am back to blogging again. My previous blogs in other blogging sites were not updated anymore and I want to have a more matured and professional looking blog so I decided to have a fresh start in the blogging scene. cropped-header-the-fabbette-chronicles.png

Why “The Fabbette Chronicles” ?

Well, it’s obvious why it is Fabbette because of it’s significance of being MY NAME. I don’t usually use that given name of mine and up to this date I still can’t believe I was named Fabbette. But through the years, I’m learning to appreciate every part of myself including my name because let’s face it, it is a BIG PART of who you are.

Chronicles because I want to use this blog for personal and random matters so I would like it to be as a journal for whenever I want to share stories and thoughts in my head. According to literature, the first step in emotional first aid is to tell it to somebody. And blogging helps alleviate any feelings or thoughts bothering a person’s head because we are here not to impress but to express. Pent up feelings can put you into a higher risk of mental illness, I’m telling you.

So, let us be a company to each other in this wonderful journey called life.


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