A wake-up call


(source: thoughtcatalog)

I just had a weird dream last night. All I can remember is that I was in hospital and I was helping to take care someone really close to me (I don’t remember who the person is). The person was confined and it seemed like he/she doesn’t have family or relatives anymore.

Then we have this common friend which is my high school classmate who also helps in taking care of him/her. As the days go by, we started falling for each other. I remember him holding my hand, kissing and cuddling in the couch (Yes, may couch sosyal yung hospital sa panaginip ko).

I was really happy because hems really handsome and a gentleman and I kinda know him for like 8 years now. And he was so proud holding my hand in front of close friends. Then when he started holding my hand, when I looked at my hand then his face then he smiled so I smiled, I remember he had a girlfriend (in real life). So I asked him, “Wala na kayo ni ***” then he didn’t answer

and I think that’s when I woke up.

Maybe I had this feeling of attachment to that person. Even though in real life I would never imagine to be his girlfriend but to tell you the truth that guy was not even half bad. I guess it is a wake-up call for me not to have hopes of deeper relationship with him than being friends.


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